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My wife and I married on June 11, 2010 and shortly thereafter I confessed to her that I had spent a significant amount of my adult life sitting up late at night and writing. Personal essays, short stories, screenplay ideas... all of these spilled out of me until I would be too tired to continue and would then say "Nobody wants to read this shit" before hitting the delete button. For some reason I was surprised when she yelled at me after hearing about this. 

After the yelling ceased she informed me that I would be starting a blog as a training exercise to share my thoughts with the world and learn how to stop hitting the delete key. In the eight years since, what started as a simple experiment behind my laptop at my kitchen table has evolved into an actual career as a freelance writer working for a healthy handful of local and regional publications. Additionally, I am halfway through drafts of both a novel and a collection of short stories and I give serious thought every day to finally finishing one of them.

In my growth as a writer I have stopped saying "Nobody wants to read this shit" to wondering aloud, "I wonder if anyone reads this shit." At a minimum, I know that my Dad does because he is always asking me "Where can I read your shit?" and I have to direct him to the latest issue of this magazine or that or send him a link to something that only posted online. Now, he can simply visit and put an end to all the mystery.

This website contains most of what I could track down in the years since I found myself on this writer's path. There are stories about bands, outdoor destinations, events, food and drink artisans, and a healthy heaping of personal commentary on the world around us. I will also begin to include short stories and other musings that will only appear here, so stay tuned if you happen to be into that sort of thing. 

Dad, even if nobody else is reading my shit, this website is for you. Just don't forget to thank your daughter-in-law for getting the whole thing started.